The Carel du Toit Centre offers an all-encompassing school environment, structured pre-primary school environment with an early intervention programme, pre-primary and foundation phase schooling for hearing impaired children. Infants of a few weeks old or older children who are diagnosed with hearing loss, start their journey with the centre through their parents’ participation and then could join our schooling program from 30 months of age.

The Carel du Toit Centre utilises the application of auditory-verbal principles, with the aim of children acquiring sufficient spoken language to communicate verbally and ultimately enter mainstream schools.

Children with a hearing loss have special educational needs and any degree of hearing loss is an impediment to a developing child. The Centre offers a pre-primary school service as well as a foundation phase from Grade 1 to Grade 3 in English and Afrikaans, following the national CAPS curriculum.

Grade learners partake in ANA tests (Annual National Assessments), where they sometimes achieve scores higher than the national average. Eisteddfod participation and praises from judges for high standards of recitations are also amongst the achievements of the Centre’s learners.

Learners exit the Centre’s programme when they are ready to mainstream or have reached the end of the School’s foundation phase. Once graduated from Grade 3, most learners enter mainstream schools, with only a small percentage requiring enrolment at an ELSEN school (Education for Learners with Special Education Needs).