Speech therapy at the Carel du Toit Centre plays a central role to the ongoing progress of the learners. The Centre is unique in that every learner at the school requires and receives weekly speech therapy input from the age of 4 years right up until Grade 3. The learners are assessed bi-annually and individual intervention plans are created to develop their speech, language and listening skills. Parents are encouraged to attend the weekly sessions to enable easier carryover of the therapy targets at home. Parents are equipped and guided to facilitate their child’s listening and spoken language development.

The speech therapists also support the educators and learners through classroom intervention for the Grade R to Grade 3 classes. These classroom sessions focus on building early literacy and auditory skills and assisting the educators with classroom goals.

As a resource centre we also offer support to mainstream schools and are currently running an outreach programme at Parow East Primary School. This programme involves weekly classroom intervention and guidance for the teachers.

The speech therapy department continues to grow and now consists of 2 full-time speech therapists, a community service speech therapist and two part-time speech therapists.

Jenni – Speech Therapist