The responsibility of the Audiology Department is to ensure that the children attending the programme obtain maximum benefit from their hearing technology. The audiologists have regular consultations with learners to check their hearing and their hearing apparatus. Our electrophysiology equipment and training, enable us to do objective testing on the smallest babies.


At the school, all children over four years of age receive weekly speech therapy sessions, to which parents are encouraged to attend so that they can follow through on guidelines at home. Speech and language evaluations are carried out every six months. With regard to the personnel, one speech therapist is allocated by the Western Cape Government: Health, another is employed by the School Governing Body of the Centre, and the third speech therapist is undertaking community service.


The medical social worker works with the deaf child and his or her family to assist the family unit to adjust to having a deaf child, to accept the reality of the situation and make the best thereof. Parents in the Early Information programme are followed up every six months by the medical social worker. In these interviews, the focus is on the parents’ adaptation and progress in working through their feelings about the child’s disability. Another aspect is to consider and incorporate the feedback from other therapists working with the child.


Occupational therapy at the Centre assists in the detection and treatment of conditions that frequently occur in children with hearing and speech impairment, which are detrimental to their development and daily function. These conditions are related to motor, sensory and visual perceptual functions and their participation in activities of daily living.

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