The Social Worker works with our deaf children as well as their families. The purpose is to ensure that the family unit is supported, guiding them through the emotional process and assist them with adjusting to the new reality of raising a deaf child. Follow up interviews are conducted every six months with the objective to assess whether the parents are coping and if any additional support is needed. Parents also are invited to attend monthly support group sessions.

The Social Worker works closely with the child’s interventionist (therapist) to ensure that all aspects of the family and child’s development and progress are monitored.

In cooperation with the Audiology Departments of Tygerberg Hospital and the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, the Carel du Toit Centre’s Social Work office has taken care of most of the Care Dependency Grants. It is important to note that if you do apply for a grant, you will need to do so via the referring hospital.

The Social Worker facilitates monthly Parent Group gatherings, with the aim to provide an opportunity to meet with parents on the same journey. Parents report that by sharing their own story and hearing other parents’ life stories they feel more positive and less isolated. There are on average 10 parents at each gathering. The group has been split into two: one group with parents of babies under the age of two; and the other with parents of school going children.

There are many parents struggling financially and the social work office has launched a database of details of parents who are seeking employment. If you are able to assist in this regard, please contact the Centre.

Theresa – Social Worker