“Let all you do be done in love…”

Establishment of Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase at Cape Town’s Carel du Toit Centre was founded out of the need to give learners, who need more time with the acquisition of language, the opportunity to progress to Grade 3. For many years it was a vision of the previous principal, Laurette du Preez, for the Centre to offer a foundation phase. Yolanda Stassen, a previous teacher at Carel du Toit Centre, started the first grades class in 2006. The school currently has three Grade 1 classes, three Grade 2 classes and two Grade 3 classes.

Learners are part of a language-rich programme and the extra-murals offered give them a kick-start for sports activities they will undertake in either mainstream schools when leaving the Centre, or at any schools for learners with special education needs. The size of the classes differs from year to year and is adapted to the unique need of every age group.


  • No more than 10 learners per class.
  • Teaching based on CAPS curriculum / AV principles applied in class.
  • Weekly therapy where needed for each individual. Intervention is based on individual needs.
  • Two outings per term for Grades 1 to 3.
  • Sports and Culture during school hours.

School Hours

Grade 1
Monday – Thursday: 08h15 – 13h30
Friday: 08h15 – 13h00

Grade 2
Monday -Thursday: 08h15 – 13h45
Friday: 08h15 – 13h00

Grade 3
Monday – Thursday: 08h15 – 14h00
Friday: 08h15 – 13h00