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Rebuilding our playground wendy house

A huge thank you to PPC cement for donating 25 bags of cement and Talisman from Builders Warehouse who donated (on loan) the cement mixer so that we could rebuild our Wendy house on a solid foundation. Thank you to all the ‘manne’ from Carel du Toit who helped with this project.

Our Carel kids during lockdown

Get those growing bones moving

Baby fun

We simply LOVE Valentine's Day , Feb 2020

Valentine’s Day At Carel du Toit Centre is a time our Carel kids use to show their friends how much they care and sometimes even buying them a small treat. Also our kids just love dressing up in red and white, decorating their classes and the fun that comes with the day.

Visit to old age home was a WIN WIN, Jan 2020

Teacher Hanlie’s Grade R class enjoyed their outing to the old age home nearly as much as the residents enjoyed having them there. They entertained the residents with beautiful songs and chatting and in return they were spoilt with some delicious ice-cream. A friendship made in heaven it seems.

Interathletics Day, Nov 2019

It was exciting, we had fun, we had athletics in the sun. Interathletics day between Carel du Toit, Vredelust College and Parow Inclusive was a blast! Photo’s taken by David Lehman who teaches our learners the art of photography.

Learning through experience, Nov 2019

At Carel du Toit Centre we love learning through experience, nothing like a day out at the shops and some delicios fruit to put a big smile on our cute little faces.

Hockey Fun, October 2019

Our annual hockey match was great fun. It’s  the Care du Toit staff play against the Carel du Toit kids. The kids love seeing their teachers all dressed up and have great fun competing against them.

At Carel du Toit Centre we believe that healthy minds can go along way with healthy bodies too.

Celebrating Deaf Awareness Month, Sep 2019

Hectic Nine 9 hosted Carel du Toit Centre during International Deaf Awareness month celebrated in September, to speak about the Carel du Toit Methodology that enables deaf children to learn natural spoken language. The kids loved being on screen and both recited their poems beautifully for the television audience.

Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day, July 2019

In honour and celebration of Nelson Mandela Day on the 18th July, some first-year paramedic students of Tygerberg Hospital spent 67 minutes educating our kids at Carel du Toit Centre on what they do as paramedics. Our Carel kids also had the opportunity to share a bit about their hearing devices and what they are taught in class. Their faces lit up as sweet treats were handed out to each child. Mandela Day is about giving back and we are grateful for every student that gave up their time to give back to our Carel kids yesterday.


Farm Day, May 2019

Just like they say “Local is lekker”! There are so many things to do and see at Anna Beulah Farm. Our Grade 3’s had such an AMAZING time by learning more about fresh produce, organic vegetable gardening, different types of farm animals by walking, riding and feeding them. Thank you Anna Beulah Farm, this day has exceeded all of the children’s expectations!

Round and round the garden, Feb 2019

Greenpoint Park and Biodiversity Garden is a beautiful natural place to get some fresh air and an extraordinary place for our Carel Du Toit learners to be social. With lovely play parks, soft, green lawns and shady settings for picnics, makes it a absolute pleasure to take our Grade 2’s and 3’s on an outing there. We always have heaps of fun!

First day of school, Jan 2019

Our first day was so much fun. So happy to see our friends again. We know 2019 is going to be a super year!

2018 Graduation, Dec 2018

We are so proud of each and every child and family that worked so hard during the year. Congratulations! A special word to all our ”capped” kids graduating the program!.

Brimstone, Nov 2018

Thank you Brimstone for all the wonderful educational toys, our kids will be overjoyed to play with them and we are sure they will learn a lot .

Learning a spoken language is fun at the Carel du Toit CHAT Centre, Aug 2018

CHAT parents and their children took part in experienced based learning, facilitated by Early Interventionist – Mariette Nosworthy. The task of the day was to strategize along with their little ones on how to get lemons out of a tall tree on the CDTC grounds. Parents thought long and hard and came up with all sorts of ideas, while communicating their actions with their children at all times as part of language development. Parents jumped, climbed, put their kids on their necks, stood on dustbins and even hit the lemons out of the tree with a scooter.

They enjoyed the rewards of their labour by making some refreshing lemon juice. The activity was enjoyed by parents and children alike, learning language is so much fun at Carel du Toit CHAT Centre.

Fun lockdown activity

Carel kids during lockdown, April 2020

We love seeing what our Carel kids are up to at home. Thank you for all the amazing photographs, our kids are so creative!

We’d love to know what your Carel kid is up to, please email us a photo to comms@careldutoit.co.za and then watch this space.

World Hearing Day 2020

Celebrating World Hearing Treat was great treat for our Carel kids. They got their feet washed by Samaritan’s Feet volunteers and brand new shoes too!

We noticed the jump in all our kids steps as they returned to their classes with freshly washed feet and new shoes.

2020 HEAR we come, Jan 2020

We’re excited to see what 2020 has in store for us at Carel du Toit Centre. We thought we’d give you a sneak peek of our Carel kids in their classrooms.

2019 Graduation, Dec 2019

We will surely miss these cute faces, we find solace in the fact that they will be spreading their wings and growing into the individuals they have been purposed for.

Our 2019 graduation was filled with wide toothy smiles and sparkly eyes from our Carel kids as their parents battled to hold back their tears of joy. We were honored to have Carel du Toit Centre Alumna, Marisa Martine Smit, Miss Deaf South Africa 2019, motivate our Carel kids at our prize giving. We are so proud of our 2019 graduation class!

Celebrating Dr Cas's 90th Birthday, Oct 2019

We had the best time celebrating Dr. Cas de Lange’s birthday with him. Yes,  you are seeing 90 candles! We are so honored and blessed to have such a dedicated and caring ENT still actively involved in the ear and health care of so many of our Carel kids.

Carel du Toit Trust partner with CPUT, Oct 2019

It  was a big day for the Carel du Toit Trust and Centre as we welcomed Alderman Ian Nielson, Deputy Mayor of Cape Town, and 4th year CPUT Public Relations students and their bubbly lecturer, Deidre. The group arrived with a LARGE cheque which Alderman Nielson handed to the Centre and Trust.

Alderman Nielson praised Carel du Toit for the wonderful work done over the decades and said that the City of Cape Town could not function without non-profit organisations like Carel du Toit Trust and Centre, who support the City of Cape Town to bring relief and support where it is needed.

The students undertook to support Carel du Toit Trust and Centre this year as their project after being by approached by Lynn Cloete who works for the Trust and an Alumnus of CPUT.The team managed to bring in a total of R66,224.00 (including an injection from the City of Cape Town), raised awareness on tv, radio, online and in the print media, hosted a comedy event, and were supported by the public through a trolley drive at Checkers, Canal Walk which resulted in goods to the value of R13,000.00.

The students also managed to secure a donation from The Bookery, a non-profit organisation that supports communities with libraries and books, they will bolster Carel du Toit Centre’s libraries with 2,000 – 3,000 books.

Playtime is precious! Aug 2019

Play builds brain pathways for thinking, creativity, flexibility, empathy and many other lifelong skills. We love to see our children play!

The Bellville Fire Department came to visit, June 2019

These firemen and ladies were fabulous with our kids!

Letting them listen to the siren, try on the hats, climb into the fire engine! Making memories for them!
Thank you Bellville fire department! You are doing incredible work!

World Hearing Day, March 2019

3 March is World Hearing Day 2019! This year we offered free ears and eyes screening to all our #carel families at Carel Day. More than 60 sensory screenings completed successfully!

Monthly parent support group, Jan 2019

We have various parent support groups to empower and support our parents and caregivers on their unique journeys. Our Ubuntu parent group loves connecting monthly. Our CHAT littlees have fun too!

CDTC annual concert, Dec 2018

Our Carelkids and amazing staff put on 2 productions…Pretville and Good Vibrations. Our kids loved every second of it and our audiences too. Here’s a behind the scenes sneak peek.

Our kids behind the lense, Nov 2018

Since David from PhotoStart spent quality time with our Grade 3s, we have seen our creative and confident kids blossom into budding photographers. Thank you so much for opening up their eyes to the world out there!

Spring Tea, Sep 2018

There are no words for the magic of our annual spring tea this year themed “let your light shine”. Be blown away by the magic!

Stellenbosch Karate Championship, May 2018

Just look at our star! He won gold for fighting and bronze for his Kata in the Karate National Championship in Stellenbosch this past weekend. If he keeps it up, he goes through to the next round in September and might be selected to represent South Africa in Malaysia next year. We are so extremely proud of you and supporting you along the way!

Soccer in the sun is fun, Nov 2018

All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them! Thank you to our Soccer Coach Andrew Warrel from Crossit for believing in our little soccer players! He is the new soccer Coach at our school and is coaching nearly 30 eager soccer stars! The players can’t wait to see what you have in store for them next Monday!

Farm Animal Week, May 2018

Farm animal week is a serious favorite!
”It was so special to see how some of the children overcame their fear and were brave to touch animals and how others were in their element chatting to and feeding the animals. They loved it! And now they what a meeeee looks and sounds like in real life and a hip-hop-hop! And a baaaa!”

As the week continued, we had such fun making our own mud for our pigs and piglets to roll in!

Grade 3 Trip to the Aquarium, April 2018

We believed that it was time for another adventure for our Grade 3’s again, and what an adventure indeed! Admiring the beauty the world has to offer, one adventure at a time. They had hours of fun at the Two Oceans Aquarium!

Air Mercy Service Visit, March 2018

Our Grade Rs heard the helicopter and were treated to an impromptu learning opportunity! Thanks Air Mercy Service (AMS)! One of the best things about our location is how close we are to the emergency services at Tygerberg Hospital.

Pre-School Hands-on Learning, February 2018

This year kicked off with a bang! Mondays start with either an “out” or “in” experience for our pre-school kids. Our new English beginners enjoyed learning exactly how handy their hands are!