The aftercare service at the Carel du Toit Centre is a caring environment provided for around 80 learners. Some children wait for their parents to collect them en route from work, while others require a halfway house while waiting for their transport. The children receive a healthy lunch when they arrive at aftercare and are under the loving care of Tannie Desirée and her helpful assistants.

The Aftercare facility has a lovely outdoor play area with a jungle gym, as well as another jungle gym when they indoors.

Monetary donations and sponsorship of goods sustain this service and we are ever thankful for the generosity of all who contribute. You are most welcome to contact the Centre if you wish to donate to this service in any way.


Gulzar from Protea Toyota hands the keys to CdT’s brand new Quantum (with a complimentary full tank of petrol!) to Finance Manager, Denise, and Driver, Rudolph.

Many of the Centre’s learners are from disadvantaged communities from all over the peninsula and many parents are unable to afford the costs of transport to and from the school. The Centre is currently transporting around 60 learners to school in the morning and back home in the afternoon. This is an important service that makes up about 10% of the Centre and Trust’s fundraising needs each year. Providing transport ensures that learners are present to remain in the programme, despite the challenges increased fuel costs, maintenance of vehicles and the harsh reality of socio-economic circumstances in Cape Town.

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