Class Requirements

  • Photostat machine for Grades’ classes – donated by Anton Kleynhans
  • Metal scooters for the pre-school playground
  • Educational toys
  • Puzzles
  • Girls and Boys underwear for ages 3 to 5.
  • Hockey sticks (child size)
  • Tennis racquets (child size) and tennis balls
  • Alcohol swabs (for cleaning ear molds in class) – donated by Brandon Oberholster
  • Water trolley and basin
  • Books for the library
  • Artwork drying rack
  • Stationery – especially Pritt, wax crayons and pastels.
  • High quality CD player X 8

Food requirements

  • Soya mince (in a box)
  • Samp and beans
  • Rice
  • Porridge
  • Fish (in a tin) e.g. pilchards
  • Peanut butter

Maintenance requirements

  • Electric saw ( Light weight)
  • Grinder
  • Screws and nails ( black dry wall screws are most used)
  • Small level
  • Plier
  • Side-cutter
  • Varnish
  • Gemkem Glue for carpet tiles
  • Paint brushes

Garden requirements

  • Cement blocks for paving – donated by Gwen Swanepoel
  • Lawnmower
  • Compost
  • Plants
  • Shade net for sandpit
  • Outdoor benches X3 ( we have two made from recycled material)

Large items

  • Fridges X2 – 1 Fridge and Freezer donated by Johann Slabber
  • Stove X1
  • Furniture for the foyer at the Trust Fund
  • Sit Right Table + two chairs. (used in the therapy rooms)
  • ‘Point of Use’ hot water system for Aftercare
  • Low long tables for art in the pre-school


  • Audiology testing booth for CHAT
  • Audiology equipment for the testing booth
  • 16 new FM systems – donated by the Radev Foundation
  • Batteries for hearing aids
  • Hearing aids for loan bank

Plumbing needs:

  • 1 adult toilet bowl
  • 1 child sized toilet bowl
  • Adult toilet seats – donated by Dutton Plastics
  • 4 adult cisterns not working
  • 1 child cistern not working
  • 6 Child sized toilet seats
  • Dripping tap
  • Leaking basin (Aftercare)

Housekeeping needs

  • New table cloths
  • Urn
  • Vacuum cleaner (industrial strength) X2 (R8 000.00)
  • Hot Trays
  • 140 medium wine glasses
  • 10 different sized serving dishes
  • Laundry press


  • Netball/tennisette court for grades – Rotary Club of Bellville raised all the funds needed to create a netball and tennis court so that our learners have the exposure to sports skills that will prepare them for their next level of schooling after the Carel du Toit Centre. The Bellville Club also presented our need to international rotaries, and we were fortunate to have a strong driving force at the Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club. The court was completed in July 2016.
  • Cellphone for CHAT Centre to send WhatsApp messages to parents – donated by Adri Combrinck
  • Covered play area for the Grades on rainy days
  • Hockey Field – donated by Bradley Hodgson
  • Shade parking for staff cars (a dream)

Renovation Projects

  • Knock through the internal wall in the Foremans’ room to create an improved work/office environment – donated by Ruth Bourne
  • Enclose stoeps of the classrooms to create a bigger space.
  • Pre-Grade R playground renovation – donated by Norman Coates