Tap into your support system, Carel du Toit Centre is there for you. Like Liverpool, you never walk alone. It’s a long journey. It’s a journey you don’t prepare yourself for but it’s an exciting journey. I would never ever change (Gia) for anything. All this uncertainty you feel now, you will look back on it and it won’t be the end of your world. It’s the beginning of an exciting journey ahead.

– Dad Johan

I had to admit my child is a deaf child. I was in the world of denial; we didn’t want to tell friends, we didn’t want to tell anybody. It was not easy, really not easy. We had to break their (the family’s) eyes to explain the story of this big thing on her head. And one day she (Mbali) just said “Mama” and my tears fell. Click here to read Mbali’s full story

– Mom Singathwa

“Our children deserve the best we have to give them using the knowledge available to us. Even if it means we have to learn new things.” – Rebecca Eanes, Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide.

They say nothing happens overnight… When we found out that our son had a hearing loss, we imagined a long, difficult and stressful journey. Once we enrolled for CHAT at the Carel Du Toit Centre, just like that… “overnight” our journey changed. Besides the support and care we received here, we have received a wealth of knowledge, a change in perspective and the tools to help us be the best parents possible.

Parent guidance sessions at CHAT has made an incredible impact on our lives and guided us magnificently in raising our son. We are certain that now our son has nothing but THE BEST. I never wish for our situation to be different. I don’t wish (Mustafaa) could hear and I don’t wish he didn’t have hearing aids. In fact I am grateful to God for this miracle. This experience can be described as magical. We notice others with disabilities. We care for them and pray for them and we become human. It brings you down to earth. I never imagined a parent’s role to be this great and what impact you make on your child’s life.

– Mom Nazmeera

“We have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity of having [our son] accepted at Carel du Toit Centre. When Christian started here he was a shy child with limited vocabulary, today he is a confident young boy who loves school and learning. This is because of the dedication and wonderful support of the staff.”

– Michael and Judy Serra

“Vir ons as ouers bied elkeen van julle vir ons berusting in ons kinders se toekoms. Nie net in die manier wat hulle opvoeding en terapie ontvang nie, maar ook die geweldige liefde waarmee hulle deur elkeen van julle gekoester word.”

– Christien en Jan Klingler

“The hopelessness and devastation that we felt after Kerwin was diagnosed with profound hearing loss all started to change as soon as we placed our feet in the place called Carel du Toit. The friendly and caring service we received at the [CHAT Centre] will always stay in our memories.”

– Mark and René Matthys