Our Approach

The mission statement of the Carel du Toit Centre is straightforward and easy to understand for parents who feel discouraged by the discovery of their child’s deafness.

We believe, and know, that children with hearing loss have the same capacity as children with normal hearing, to learn to speak.

We believe that children with hearing loss must be exposed to day-long listening through the use of appropriate hearing-aids or a cochlear implant.

A hearing environment is created at the Centre, the same as for normal hearing children, where the child with a hearing loss will learn to speak by learning to listen in a natural environment.

Listening experiences and natural interaction create an intensive speech-development environment, which leads the child to linguistic competence. This process continues throughout the school years, laying a solid foundation for life.

The approach followed at The Carel du Toit Centre is based on the early identification of the hearing loss and the fitting of hearing-aids or a cochlear implant.

We believe that with early identification, providing there are no further complications, a large percentage of deaf children are able to acquire sufficient speech and language abilities in order to be able to adapt intellectually, socially and emotionally in a society of hearing people.

In fact, many of our pupils continue their education in Mainstream Schools.