Grade 1 Trip to Table Mountain, June 2018

Our Grade 1’s felt as if they were on top of the world! Being able to experience our world’s 7th Wonder of Nature, Table Mountain was a definite highlight!

Stellenbosch Karate Championship, May 2018

Just look at our star! He won gold for fighting and bronze for his Kata in the Karate National Championship in Stellenbosch this past weekend. If he keeps it up, he goes through to the next round in September and might be selected to represent South Africa in Malaysia next year. We are so extremely proud of you and supporting you along the way!

Lottie Doll Donation, May 2018

Our kids enjoy playing with our 2 Mia dolls from Lottie Dolls. The kids identify with these dolls and that makes them all the more special! Thank you so much Hearing Health Foundation for spoiling us with these two dolls – all the way from New York, we love them!

Farm Animal Week, May 2018

Farm animal week is a serious favorite!
”It was so special to see how some of the children overcame their fear and were brave to touch animals and how others were in their element chatting to and feeding the animals. They loved it! And now they what a meeeee looks and sounds like in real life and a hip-hop-hop! And a baaaa!”

As the week continued, we had such fun making our own mud for our pigs and piglets to roll in!

Grade 3 Trip to the Aquarium, April 2018

We believed that it was time for another adventure for our Grade 3’s again, and what an adventure indeed! Admiring the beauty the world has to offer, one adventure at a time. They had hours of fun at the Two Oceans Aquarium!

Air Mercy Service Visit, March 2018

Our Grade Rs heard the helicopter and were treated to an impromptu learning opportunity! Thanks Air Mercy Service (AMS)! One of the best things about our location is how close we are to the emergency services at Tygerberg Hospital.

Pre-School Hands-on Learning, February 2018

This year kicked off with a bang! Mondays start with either an “out” or “in” experience for our pre-school kids. Our new English beginners enjoyed learning exactly how handy their hands are!