We are so proud of each and every child and family that worked so hard during the year. Congratulations! A special word to all our ”capped” kids graduating the program!.


Our Carelkids and amazing staff put on 2 productions…Pretville and Good Vibrations. Our kids loved every second of it and our audiences too. Here’s a behind the scenes sneak peek.


Thank you Brimstone for all the wonderful educational toys, our kids will be overjoyed to play with them and we are sure they will learn a lot .


Since David from PhotoStart spent quality time with our Grade 3s, we have seen our creative and confident kids blossom into budding photographers. Thank you so much for opening up their eyes to the world out there!


All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them! Thank you to our Soccer Coach Andrew Warrel from Crossit for believing in our little soccer players! He is the new soccer Coach at our school and is coaching nearly 30 eager soccer stars! The players can’t wait to see what you have in store for them next Monday!


There are no words for the magic of our annual spring tea this year themed “let your light shine”. Be blown away by the magic!

Learning language is fun at the Carel du Toit CHAT Centre, August 2018

CHAT parents and their children took part in experienced based learning, facilitated by Early Interventionist – Mariette Nosworthy. The task of the day was to strategize along with their little ones on how to get lemons out of a tall tree on the CDTC grounds. Parents thought long and hard and came up with all sorts of ideas, while communicating their actions with their children at all times as part of language development. Parents jumped, climbed, put their kids on their necks, stood on dustbins and even hit the lemons out of the tree with a scooter.

They enjoyed the rewards of their labour by making some refreshing lemon juice. The activity was enjoyed by parents and children alike, learning language is so much fun at Carel du Toit CHAT Centre.

Stellenbosch Karate Championship, May 2018

Just look at our star! He won gold for fighting and bronze for his Kata in the Karate National Championship in Stellenbosch this past weekend. If he keeps it up, he goes through to the next round in September and might be selected to represent South Africa in Malaysia next year. We are so extremely proud of you and supporting you along the way!

Lottie Doll Donation, May 2018

Our kids enjoy playing with our 2 Mia dolls from Lottie Dolls. The kids identify with these dolls and that makes them all the more special! Thank you so much Hearing Health Foundation for spoiling us with these two dolls – all the way from New York, we love them!

Farm Animal Week, May 2018

Farm animal week is a serious favorite!
”It was so special to see how some of the children overcame their fear and were brave to touch animals and how others were in their element chatting to and feeding the animals. They loved it! And now they what a meeeee looks and sounds like in real life and a hip-hop-hop! And a baaaa!”

As the week continued, we had such fun making our own mud for our pigs and piglets to roll in!

Grade 3 Trip to the Aquarium, April 2018

We believed that it was time for another adventure for our Grade 3’s again, and what an adventure indeed! Admiring the beauty the world has to offer, one adventure at a time. They had hours of fun at the Two Oceans Aquarium!

Air Mercy Service Visit, March 2018

Our Grade Rs heard the helicopter and were treated to an impromptu learning opportunity! Thanks Air Mercy Service (AMS)! One of the best things about our location is how close we are to the emergency services at Tygerberg Hospital.

Pre-School Hands-on Learning, February 2018

This year kicked off with a bang! Mondays start with either an “out” or “in” experience for our pre-school kids. Our new English beginners enjoyed learning exactly how handy their hands are!