Mbale PIC WEBWhen Mbalentle was 7 months old she suffered flu-like symptoms but the high fever over a two day period caused concern for her mother, Singathwa, who had a sixth sense that something was very wrong. The toddler was referred to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s where she was hospitalised for two weeks and diagnosed with meningitis that had unfortunately led to deafness. Singathwa’s first response was, “How long? How long will my baby be deaf?” Three months later she was fitted with bilateral hearing aids, which opened conversations with curious minded people in her home community.

Mbalentle family had a brief period of denial, not understanding how a healthy born baby can suddenly have a hearing impairment when there is no family history of it. While it was a daunting experience for the family, they found an answer to their prayers at the Carel du Toit Centre in Parow.

Mbalentle had her cochlear implant surgery at Tygerberg Hospital in October 2014 and since her enrolment at the Carel du Toit Centre she has acquired words to help her on her road to speech language acquisition that will pave the way for a brighter future.

A common thought in the minds of parents who face such news is that the hearing impaired child will speak immediately and that was the same hope Singathwa anticipated. This dream came true weeks later only and ignited a feeling of pure joy when Singathwa fetched Mbalentle from class one day and she lifted her brightened face to exclaim” Mamma”. It was music to her mom’s ears and a definite confirmation that her child was in the hands of the best interventionists, audiologists and therapeutic specialists for her little one. Singathwa still has to sometimes explain to commuters en route to the Centre what’s on her child’s ear and is sometimes told that she’ll outgrow it but Singathwa knows this is not true.

Mbalentle is one of many children at the Carel du Toit Centre in need of our fundraising support and we wish to encourage you to donate and help hearing impaired children from all over the peninsula and also from beyond our Province. Make the right choice and donate today.