Here I go! Here I go! “Hear” I go again.

Cinga is a happy, friendly child who is much-loved by her doting parents. She was born deaf, but thanks to the Bidvest Hear for Life Trust and Netcare Foundation, she will receive a cochlear implant that will give her the gift of sound. Her dad was “speechless” when he received the news from Kfm’s Ryan O’Connor on Cinga’s 2nd birthday on 5 September 2016.

Unlike Cinga, 5 year old Oyena acquired hearing loss through illness when he was 3 years old. Luckily for this little boy who loved to sing along to the radio, he will also receive a Nucleus Cochlear Implant from the Bidvest Hear for Life Trust with Netcare Foundation providing the hospitalisation.

The Tygerberg Hospital Stellenbosch University Cochlear Implant team has been instrumental with both children and will walk alongside both families on this journey to sound and speech. Cinga and Oyena are already part of the Carel du Toit Centre’s early intervention programme and will continue to receive parent guidance, audiological support and speech-language therapy until they are ready to transfer to mainstream schools.

Both Cinga and Oyena’s implants took place on 15 September at N1 City hospital. Prof. James Loock, ENT, and Dr. Francois Visser, kindly provided their expertise and time free of charge. We are looking forward to activations of their implants in the next month as it will be the beginning of a whole new hearing world.

Expect great things when corporate foundations, professional individuals and the media work together like this to bring about life-changing results—as Oyena’s dad put it—“for the sake of tomorrow”.

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